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Denver Piano Moving provides professional piano moving, tuning, restoration, sales and repair services to the piano owners of Colorado

Denver Piano Moving is more than just a moving company. We specialize in moving pianos and only pianos! We know these instruments inside and out. When we are not out moving pianos, we are in our shop working on them. We have taken on restoration jobs ranging from concert grand Steinways, to family owned antique upright pianos. This field is a real passion for us.

Through our experiences working on pianos, we have developed special methods and equipment to better assist us in a piano move. We feel this provides a safer, and more seamless piano move process. Not to mention the methods and equipment we have developed enables us to perform piano moves that would be otherwise impossible.

Our training has come from two very notable shops in the business.
The Acme Piano Company of San Diego California, and The Piano Warehouse in Colorado Springs. The years of experience and expertise gained from working with these shops has made our skills invaluable.

After we move your piano, we would love to provide you with a pitch perfect piano tuning. This is a service that can be scheduled at the time of your move. It’s important to let your piano sit and acclimate for two to three weeks before performing the tuning. 

Free delivery, piano tuning, and 5 year warranty on all pianos sold through our shop.

We also run a full service piano shop, specializing in piano refurbishing and restoration. We hold the pianos we sell in our shop to a very high standard. 
Every piano we sell goes through a very rigorous refurbishing process leaving no screw unchecked. We aim to provide affordable refurbished used pianos to families here in Colorado. We provide a free base level delivery, in home tuning, and a 5 year warranty on every piano sold. >

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We not only move and tune pianos, we have some that we have professionally refurbished for sale. To learn more click "Pianos For Sale" below

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Our Coverage Area, the State of Colorado

We are based out of Denver, but if you have a piano in Colorado that you need to move, we are willing to make the trip. From the Ft. Collins down the Front Range to Pueblo, the Western Slope to the Kansas border, even down into Telluride we can make the trip.

Denver Piano Moving Coverage Area, Colorado

Moving a Piano

Moving a piano is a complicated process. There is risk to the piano, risk of bodily injury to the person moving the piano and other people and risk of damage to other property. Although moving a piano may seem like a simple task, there are hidden factors which compound the process. Pianos are difficult to move and should only be moved by a professional who is careful, properly trained, insured, and has the proper equipment.

An upright piano is the most popular and easier to move than a grand piano. It is moved by lifting the piano and sliding a piano movers' dolly underneath or lifting the piano up onto the dolly. The dolly has a strong frame for moving and large rubber wheels for ease of moving and not scratching the floor. The piano is transported to its new location and removed from the dolly. The piano should be covered to prevent being scratched or damaged.

The wheels attached to the upright piano itself are rarely used for moving, and are primarily used as cosmetic effects. For a studio piano with larger, double wheels, it is only designed for short moves. When moving a studio piano beyond the immediate room or for more than just a few feet, a dolly should still be used.

A grand piano is moved by covering the piano, fitting the 'skid board' with strong webbing, removing the pedal lyre (since it does not support any weight) followed by the left leg, and gently lowering the piano over onto the straight side. The lid is allowed to overhang the side so as to not pressure it. The piano is blanketed, strapped down and the remaining two legs are removed. Additional care should be added to ensure that the piano parts that can rub together and scratch must be secured. The skid board with the piano is tipped and a piano movers' dolly is slid underneath for transport to its new location, where the procedure is reversed. Unfortunately not all carriers fit the 'skid board' at the early stage.

Contrary to popular legend, proper piano moving does not affect tuning. Tuning is affected by changes in humidity. If a piano is properly covered during the move, it will not feel the environmental changes such as going from indoors to outdoors and back indoors again. The piano could go out of tune if exposed to a climate change such as going from a dry home to a humid home.

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