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Professional Piano Moving – Tuning, Restoration, and Repair services available. Locally owned.

Denver Piano Moving is more than just a moving company. We specialize in moving pianos, and pianos only. Aside from that, we know these instruments inside and out. When we are not out moving pianos, we are in our shop working on them. We have taken on restoration jobs ranging from concert grand Steinways, to family owned antique upright pianos. This field is a real passion for us.

Through our experiences working on pianos, we have developed special methods and equipment to better assist us with moving them. We feel this provides a safer, and more seamless piano move. Not to mention some of the methods and equipment we have developed has enabled us to preform piano moves that would  be otherwise be undoable.

Our training has come from two very notable shops in the business.
The Acme Piano Company of San Diego California, and The Piano Warehouse in Colorado Springs. The years of experience and expertise gained from working with these shops has made our skills invaluable.

After we move your piano, we would love to provide you with a pitch perfect piano tuning. This is a service that can be scheduled at the time of your move. It’s important to let your piano sit and acclimate for two to three weeks before performing the tuning.

Why Use Us?

Denver Piano Moving is a company that has been 10 years in the making. 

As the owner of Denver Piano Moving, I have worked every end of the piano business. From working in a refinishing booth, to working a piano sales floor, piano moving has always been a daily task in the daily operations of the piano shop. I have seen just about every scenario possible in the art of piano moving. 
I have been very fortunate to have been given the teachings of very reputable piano shop owners from across the country. I have learned from their experiences, and experiences of my own that I have picked up along the way. We’re not just two men in a truck. We are skilled piano technicians, piano movers, and honestly, just piano enthusiasts in general. 

We invest a good portion of our profits back into our business. 
This means, we have very reliable trucks, the best piano moving equipment available, and a well paid staff that very much value both their careers and their clients pianos. While scheduling we often give a one to two hour appointment window. This is not because we like to have flexibility in our day just for ourselves, it’s because we want to ensure that we will never have a job that needs to be rushed. We take as much time as needed to set up equipment, gauge our best possible route, and safely load every piano we move.

Having appropriate insurance in this business is not cheap by any means. 
We have the following insurance polices (in good standing) under our bents. 

•    Commercial Trucking Insurance (Our truck, your piano)
•    Liability Insurance (Your home, Your Piano)
•    Workmen’s Compensation (Our Staff)

We have been very fortunate to have never dropped a piano, or injured ourselves while moving a piano. However if such a thing were ever to happen, we ,and our customers can rest easy knowing that we are fully covered for any such unforeseen incident.

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